The above mentioned problems may be due to unbalance of various energies we receive from sun rays and intake of inappropriate quantity of ultraviolet & infrared rays in a house. Scientifically we know that the most cooling & comfortable sun rays required for our well being are present in morning sun light whereas afternoon sunrays have the different tendency. The earth is 23.5 degrees tilted on its vertical axis & it moves from the west to the east & thus there is a great difference between the energies the different surfaces on the same earth receives from the cosmic sphere at the same time. Study of Ionospheric propagation & radio waves covers the existence & levels of various layers formed above the earth’s surface. Accordingly human body acts & reacts to these invisible natural powers, which further reflects in terms of our physical conditions & mental status.


That is why Vastu has always been appreciating to build the house keeping open space, main gate and/ or windows in the east direction. But if one has a plot that is South or West facing, even than it can be made as per Vastu & one can get all the benefits from the south or east facing house as we get from the East facing. I don’t agree with those Vastu practitioners who out-rightly reject the south or west facing plots without knowing its logic. - famous vastu consultant in delhi, vastu consultant in south delhi, best vastu expert, vastu consultant in delhi


Vastu guides you to live in harmony with nature. Expert Vaastu practioners have ability and foresightedness to analyse the anti-Vastu scientific impacts and they can easily guide multiple ways to redefine the negativities into positive energies without any major alterations in the existing building structures also. vastu consultant delhi, top vastu consultant in delhi, vastu consultants in delhi ncr, vastu consultant


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